🎯SEO Settings

Webstudio proudly offers comprehensive SEO tools, empowering users to achieve top rankings in search engines effortlessly. These features are integral to Webstudio, providing essential tools for visibility and engagement. Explore these enduring features and learn how to optimize your site.

🌐 Global Site Settings

In the 'Site Settings' under the Webstudio menu, you'll find essential settings for your entire website:

  • Site Name: Clearly define your website's identity.

  • Fav Icon: Customize with your logo for brand consistency.

  • Custom Header Code: Incorporate site-wide scripts or header code for advanced customization.

These settings ensure uniformity and brand coherence across all pages of your website.

🔍 Individual Page SEO Settings

Fine-tune SEO settings for each page through the 'Pages' tab:

  • Title & Description: Craft unique titles and descriptions for each page, enhancing search engine visibility.

  • SEO Previews: Visualize how your pages will display in search results and on social media.

  • Exclude from Search Results: Opt to hide specific pages from search engines.

  • Social Sharing: Set engaging images for social media sharing, complete with previews.

  • Custom Meta Tags: Add additional Meta Tags your page for further search and social customization.

🤖 SEO Optimization Across Webstudio

Webstudio's SEO enhancements are deeply integrated into the platform:

  • Intelligent Domain Indexing: Ensures your custom domains are correctly indexed in search engines.

  • Automated Robots and Sitemap Files: Guide search engines through your site's structure, highlighting key pages and content.

Webstudio's SEO tools are designed to ensure your website not only stands out but also remains relevant and highly visible in search engine rankings. For a comprehensive guide on utilizing these features, check out our detailed video tutorial. We're here to support your journey toward a more visible and engaging online presence.

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