🌐 What is open source?

Open source software stems from the free software movement, emphasizing freedom in software usage, modification, and distribution. While terms like open source, free, libre, and open core have subtle differences, they share many principles. Key differentiators include licensing terms and the level of permissiveness.

The Open Source Initiative defines criteria for open source software, including free redistribution, access to source code, and allowance for modified/derived works. Licenses must not discriminate against any groups or use cases and must permit bundling with other software.

Some products blend open source and proprietary components, leading to the "open core" label, where the core functionality is open source but excludes proprietary parts. A well-known example is Android's use on Pixel phones: powered by the open source Android Open Source Project (AOSP), yet the phone's software remains proprietary.

🔑 How is Webstudio licensed?

Webstudio Builder is distributed under the AGPL license. The AGPL (Affero General Public License) is a copyleft license that requires any modified versions of the software to be released under the same license when it is used to provide services. Usage without modifications is free.

🔓 Is Webstudio Builder open source?

Webstudio Builder is an open source, while the overall Webstudio Platform adopts an Open Core model.

Open Source Definition, AGPL License

🌍 What is Cloudflare Workers edge deployment, and how does it work?

Cloudflare Workers are like small programs that run on Cloudflare's global network of servers. They allow you to customize and control how your website or application behaves, all without needing to manage your own server infrastructure. This global and distributed nature means that your code executes closer to your users, resulting in faster response times and improved reliability, regardless of where your users are located around the world. Plus, you can easily scale your application without worrying about provisioning or managing servers in different regions.

Cloudflare Workers, Cloudflare's open source workerd technology

🎨 What are design tokens?

Design Tokens provide a unified system for managing styles like colors, spacing, and font sizes. They serve as a single source of truth for both designers and developers, housed in accessible formats like JSON files. This system ensures consistency across a project and simplifies design maintenance.

A common application of design tokens is in semantic color naming, where names correspond to usage rather than color values. The flexibility of design tokens allows for referencing, condition-specific alterations, and mathematical manipulations.

WC3 Design Tokens Format, Tokens Studio Plugin documentation

🛡️ What is GDPR, and how does it protect data? (What counts as GDPR compliant?)

The GDPR is a stringent data privacy law applicable globally to organizations handling EU citizens' data. It grants EU citizens rights such as access, rectification, erasure, and objection to automated decision-making. Organizations must adhere to principles like lawfulness, fairness, transparency, and accountability. Violations can result in significant fines.

Webstudio ensures its compliance with GDPR, although users must ensure their added functionalities on Webstudio sites also comply.

What is GDPR?, Who must comply with GDPR

🖼️ How does Webstudio optimize images?

Images significantly impact web page sizes and loading times. Google's WebP format, supporting both lossless and lossy compression, alpha channels, and animation, helps reduce image sizes by about 30% compared to traditional formats.

Webstudio automatically converts images to WebP and resizes them to fit webpage dimensions, ensuring optimal sizes without compromising quality.


🚀 How can I use Webstudio today, and how will it evolve?

Currently, Webstudio excels in building super fast, responsive, dynamic websites. Future enhancements include linked CSS editors, animations engine, and real-time collaboration. Its open-source nature and API integration capabilities allow for extensive customization and connectivity with various services.

Webstudio Vision Document

🆘 How to get additional support for my Webstudio purchase?

Please read this article on where and how to get support.

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