The List Component is used to create lists that structure and organize content within a webpage. You can create a list in your Webstudio project with the “List” and “List Item” Components.

How to use the List Component

The “List” component can be found in Components > General, and you can place it on your canvas by dragging and dropping it or clicking it in the Components panel. Every List component comes with three “List Item” instances as bullet points by default.

To add more list items, place a “List Item” component in your list from Components > General.

Once the List Component is on your canvas, you can customize its appearance in the Style panel. For instance, you can change bullet point styles, numbering formats, spacing, and text properties.

List Style Type

You can customize the “List Style” for your List instance by going to “List Style Type” in the Style panel. There are several options, including Disc, Circle, Square and Decimal.

Setting the List Style Type allows you to define the appearance of the bullet points or numbering for list items, depending on the content’s context and your design choices. For example, you might choose “Decimal” for an ordered list of steps, but for a more decorative list, you could pick Disc or Circle.

You can customize a List’s properties by selecting it and going to Settings. Lists come with three base properties: Ordered, Reserved, and Start. To add additional properties, click the “+” next to Properties and add a new property.


If you enable the Ordered property on your list, it will convert all list items to numbers and create an ordered list.

Ordered lists are commonly used for procedures, step-by-step guides, or any content that requires a defined sequence.


The Start property sets the initial numbering value for ordered lists. It allows you to begin the list at a specific number, which is useful for scenarios where numbering should start from a custom value.

To use the Start property on your list, enable the ‘Ordered’ property first if your list items are in bullet points.


The Reversed property reverses the order in which list items are numbered. This is effective for countdowns, rankings, or any content that benefits from a reverse order.

To use the Reversed property on your list, enable the ‘Ordered’ property first if your list items are in bullet points.

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