📘XML Node

The XML Node is used to create an XML document, such as a sitemap.

Webstudio automatically generates a sitemap for static pages such as Home and About. If you are integrating with a CMS, you can use this component to create a sitemap for CMS data.

How to use the XML Node component

  1. Go to Page Settings > Document Type and select XML from the dropdown

  2. Go to Components > XML and add XML Node (this component won’t show until Step 1 is completed)

  3. Set the tag and text content (e.g., “loc” and “https://example.com)


  • XML Nodes can be nested within each other

  • Use Collection to iterate over a list of data

  • A sitemap skeleton is available in the Marketplace

Including the static sitemap

While you can use the autogenerated sitemap for static pages and create a separate sitemap for dynamic pages, you can also combine the two.

To include the static sitemap data in your custom sitemap, follow these steps:

  1. Create a page

  2. In the page settings, set the Document Type to XML

  3. Set the page path to /sitemap.xml. This will override the default sitemap.

  4. Fetch the static data by clicking Create Variable > System Resource (Type) > Sitemap (Resource)

  5. Use a Collection to iterate over the static sitemap data

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