🧑‍🎨Contributing for Designers

Webstudio is not just a tool, but also a community. As an open-source platform, it thrives on the contributions of its users. If you're a designer wondering how you can contribute to the growth and development of Webstudio, here are some ways:

  1. Share Your Designs

    One of the most straightforward ways designers can contribute is by sharing their designs built with Webstudio in our community. This could be in the form of templates or individual components that others can use as starting points for their projects. We would also love to share your design showcases with the rest of the Webstudio audience via our socials.

  2. Create Tutorials & Guides

    If you've mastered certain aspects of using Webstudio, consider creating tutorials or guides to help other users navigate those features more effectively. Tag us in what you create and we'll help spread the word.

  3. Participate in Community Discussions

    Join discussions on forums or social media platforms where ideas about new features or improvements are being discussed - your perspective as a designer will add unique value. If you're looking for a place to start you can join the Official Webstudio Community.

  4. Contributing to the Webstudio Builder UI

    If you want to contribute to the Builder UI, your first step is to become familiar with our design system in Figma. Start with the first page of our Design Docs. And for our design system & components see the Webstudio Library. Please read the docs carefully and thoroughly so you can use our design system properly to create a UI that looks like it's a natural part of Webstudio. If any part of the design is confusing or intimidating you can reach out via our Discord with questions or feedback. We're also happy to give a tour of the design system to anyone who asks.

  5. Contributing to the Webstudio Brand

    If you want to contribute to our brand design or use our brand assets, you can refer to our Brand Guidelines.

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