🌮AppSumo redemption failed

Have you have purchased a license via AppSumo and your account has not successfully been upgraded to the correct AppSumo tier?

AppSumo accounts are required to be activated via the AppSumo redemption API (Big yellow "redeem" button from your dashboard). This activation can fail for several reasons:

  • Redemption email mismatch between AppSumo and Webstudio

  • Closed redemption browser before the account has been activated

  • Logged-into wrong account when redeeming the licence (browser will automatically attempt to validate the license on the current logged-in account)

  • AppSumo API got confused and hurt itself in confusion

How to resolve the issue:

If the AppSumo deal is currently active, the fastest way to resolve this issue is to:

  • Refund the AppSumo purchase

  • Repurchase a new license

  • Make sure you're logged-into the correct Webstudio account

  • Redeem your purchase again

When/If the AppSumo deal ends and there remains issues with redemption we will update this doc with further instructions.

AppSumo is bugged, it won't let me rebuy a license for Webstudio:

AppSumo have some security measures in place to prevent credit card fraud. If you're running into issues purchasing a new license after the refund you might need to wait 24h before the system automatically unlocks your account. If the problem persists and your account is locked please reach out to AppSumo support to unlock your account.

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